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DScaler - version 4.2.3

What's new (since 4.2.2):


  • Auto detect audio standard at startup when using an external A/V source with BT848 card.
  • Auto mute audio when an external video signal lost [in automatic mode].
  • Always wake up the monitor from standby when video signal restored [in automatic mode].
  • Maximize window by middle mouse click.
  • Removed the popup message box "The video thread failed to exit...", which prevented computer shutdown.

What's new (since 4.2.1):


  • Correct behaviour when ignoring media keys.

What's new (since 4.2.0):


  • New setting to control if DScaler responds to media keys.
  • Possible fix for overlay failing (also added improved logging to help diagnose)

What's new (since 4.1.19):


  • Proposed fix for Can't create display memory

What's new (since 4.1.18):


  • Bug fixes for problems introduced in 4.1.18

What's new (since 4.1.17):

What's Improved


  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Better Vista Support

cx2388x cards

  • New card definitions:
    • Lots!

bt8x8 cards

  • New card definitions:
    • None

saa713x cards

  • New card definitions:
    • MSI TV@nywhere Pro (Pal)

What's Experimental:

  • PowerStrip modeline option when changing resolution in the full screen mode
  • DirectShow support for tuners and file
  • Skins & Toolbar
  • Timeshift
  • Resolution changing
  • Colorimetry filter
  • DScope video filter