The Autosort Bookmarks CE is an extension for Opera.
It allows your browser to sort bookmarks and folders by name, automatically.

I was inspired by the old Recursive Bookmark Sorter addon, which only allowed manual sorting, after clicking a button. It also wasn't able to sort bookmark names containing CE (CZ) accented letters, like č, š, ř etc. - it moved them to the end of the alphabet. The same experience comes with the Chrome extension Sprucemarks - Czech diacritics is not supported there as well.
This was the main reason, why I made this one.

Download it from the official Opera Addons website:

Autosort Bookmarks CE for Opera

or from the new Google Chrome web store, for Chromium based browsers:

Autosort Bookmarks CE for Chrome

If you use a former unsigned version from this website, please remove it and install the one from the above link.

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