The Autosort Bookmarks CE is an extension for Opera.
It allows Opera to sort your bookmarks and folders by name. Automatically, without any user intervention.

I was inspired by the old Recursive Bookmark Sorter addon, which only allowed manual sorting, after clicking a button.
It also wasn't able to sort bookmark names containing CE (CZ) diacritics, like č, š, ř etc. - it moved them to the end of the alphabet.
The same experience comes with the Chrome extension Sprucemarks - Czech diacritics is not supported there as well.
This was the main reason, why I made this one, which works the same way as in Opera 12.

Download it from the official Opera Addons website: Autosort Bookmarks CE
The latest version is 1.3.12 from March 2019.

If you use a former unsigned version from this website, please remove it and install the one from the above link.

Tested on Opera Stable up to v49, but it should work on new builds too.

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