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DScaler - version 4.2.3 alpha from July 28, 2015

What's new (since 4.2.2):


  • Auto detect audio standard at startup when using an external A/V source with BT848 card.
  • Auto mute audio when an external video signal lost [in automatic mode].
  • Always wake up the monitor from standby when video signal restored [in automatic mode].
  • Maximize window by middle mouse click.
  • Removed the popup message box "The video thread failed to exit...", which prevented computer shutdown.

This special release is intended mainly for users who use DScaler as a video/TV player using external video sources.


DScaler423.exe [Setup Program]
DScaler423Src.zip [Source Zipped]

[Complete Changelog]

Note: The author of the original Dscaler project is John Adcock, web deinterlace.sourceforge.net. I "only" updated Dscaler to the version 4.2.3, which reflected my needs. Since no one of the offcial developers had been willing to implement these changes, I made them myself, under the GPL.

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